Our strain is based on more than 30 years of continuous selection of the best performing trout, resulting in very fast growth and late sexual maturing fish.

Our strain is especially suitable for production in saltwater up to high salinities and is used in Danish seawater farming for the production of non-maturing bright silvery steelheads with deep red colored flesh of 17 on the Roche scale.

The Sangild broodstock is one of only three Danish breeding stocks approved for export of rainbow trout eggs to Chile. An international heal certificate follows each shipment confirming the absence of VHS, IPN, BKD, PKD, IHN, EHN, OMV, SRS, ISA and whirling disease.

About Us

Our trout farm is one of the biggest in Denmark where we produce high quality eggs. In the season 2011/2012 we produced 33,5 million eggs.

We have been declared disease free of any known fish diseases since 1970, only proving the high quality of the trout we produce.

We strive to be best at what we do, and to deliver eggs all around the globe.

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Sangildvej 21, 7470 Karup


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